Google Shopping Campaign Api Support Announced

Google Feed Changes - What You Need to Know

Google has announced required changes to product data feeds that must be carried out by September 30th. These changes are intended to further improve the shopping experience on Google and give retail marketers greater capacity to refine product...

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At Header

How Proper Categorization Can Dramatically Grow Affiliate Channel Revenue

So you’re a merchant. So you have products. So you want to sell those products. Sounds easy, right? But most merchants don’t understand the value of a product catalog and most have never even seen their product catalog. Those that have may have...

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Q4 Header

It's Go Time - Get Q4 Started Right

For many retailers, Q4 is make-or-break. Mere weeks can decide whether or not an entire fiscal year’s marketing efforts amount to success. With more channels than ever to manage, a growing array of audience targeting options, and endless consumer...

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Mercent Has Added Support for Polyvore

Social ecommerce is heating up, and it’s not just Pinterest and Facebook making noise. Polyvore is getting buzz as a growing social ecommerce destination with a particularly influential shopper audience.

The site offers a collage-like social...

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Shipping Settings 2

Google’s New Shipping Configuration Tool

In a very welcome announcement, Google has released a new tool to assist with shipping value configuration. Whereas many merchants have had difficulty sending accurate shipping values due to location-specific rates, drop shipping, or varying...

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Close Variant

Google Imposes Close Variant Keyword Matching – What to Expect

Last Thursday Google announced that close variant matching will be applied to all exact and phrase match keywords, starting in late September. Like many AdWords changes we’ve seen over the years, this will have positive and negative implications...

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A More Powerful and Intuitive Mercent Retail

On the evening of August 27th, you’re going to see an important step toward a more powerful and easier-to-use Mercent Retail platform. This first step involves opening more screen real estate and making the available tools within Mercent Retail...

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Taxonomy Header

One Taxonomy to Rule Them All

Ecommerce destinations have plenty in common - they all strive to provide a quality shopping experience and connect their merchant clients with high-intent shoppers. Much of this lies in maintaining a thorough product category taxonomy; a...

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Multiple Ads Test

Multiple Ads per Ad Group Now Allowed for Google Shopping Campaigns

Great news! Retail marketers are now able to add multiple pieces of promotional text to one ad group in Google Shopping Campaigns. Our live testing this week has confirmed as much. 

To the consternation of many, this has not been available in...

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Google Shopping Campaigns

Product Ratings for Google Shopping Have Launched

Google has announced the release of Product Ratings, another feature that delivers relevant input to savvy shoppers. Product ads on Google’s SERP will now show a 1-5 star rating, along with the number of reviews the product has received. As...

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