Leveraging Amazon as a Search Engine

Amazon is a search engine. Yes, Amazon is the world’s largest internet retailer, accounting for over 20% of worldwide ecommerce in 2012 . However,’s role as a research vehicle for high-intent shoppers continues to grow as well, and...

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Google Merchant Promotions Boost CTR as much as 40%

Smart merchants factor their promotion calendar into their retail marketing efforts. In an online shopping landscape where consumers rapidly hunt for the best deals, surfacing compelling and timely promotional offers matters more than ever. 

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Google Announces Deadline for Google Shopping Campaign Migration

In late 2013, Google made Google Shopping Campaigns available to a limited set of beta participants. The new paradigm offers a cleaner, more streamlined set of management workflows, competitive benchmarking insights, and more logical, efficient...

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Google Shopping Campaigns

Ad Group Level Controls Now Available for Google Shopping Campaigns

When Google first presented Google Shopping Campaigns to us late last year, we were excited by some of the new workflows and utilities afforded to advertisers: ultimately, the new campaign structure and management paradigm will offer a more...

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Bing Product Ads

Bing Product Ads Out of Beta Now

Bing Product Ads is now out of Beta and available to all advertisers. The joint Bing/Yahoo program was made available to select Beta participants in mid-2013 and has undergone rigorous testing by Bing and Yahoo product teams since then.


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Google Remarketing

Google Search Remarketing Lists

In Q3 of 2012, Google released Remarketing in Search as a beta program for select advertisers. Remarketing has long been a prized arrow in the quiver of digital display marketers, allowing advertisers to serve ads to users who have visited their...

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Google Shopping Campaign Api Support Announced

Google Shopping API support, third party platforms, and your Google Shopping Campaigns

The next big thing is here: Google Shopping Campaigns promises to reshape how marketers structure, manage and analyze their feed-driven Google product ads. The new paradigm should afford more intuitive, cleaner management of the program, as well...

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Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns – The Future of Google PLA

In late 2013, Google announced Shopping Campaigns: a new campaign structure for product listing ads that offers a better way to manage the unique challenges of scaling Google PLA ads. With many retail-specific features, Shopping Campaigns presents...

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Why Spend More On Google Product Listings

4 Reasons You Should Spend More on PLA after Cyber Monday

It’s been a huge year for Google Shopping, and we’ve seen that success continue through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But the holiday opportunity for Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) is far from over. In fact, we believe PLA may be the very best...

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Google Pla Ads Data Quality Optimization

Google PLA Ads: How Data Quality Drives Performance

To manage Google Shopping effectively, it’s important to use an integrated approach. To drive the best results on Google PLA ads, campaign management in AdWords needs to be done in conjunction with feed management rather than being siloed into...

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