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You don't have to take our word for it. Our results speak for themselves. And there’s a reason Mercent’s retail partnerships average more than 7 years.

Case Studies

Don't just listen to us. Listen to our host of clients who have seen the results which you can expect too. View our collection of case studies and request more information to start increasing your sales and ROI with the Mercent Retail Platform™.


Mercent continually positions itself as thought leaders in the eCommerce and online retailing industries. Mercent also co-leads webinars with channel partners and other industry leaders like Google and mShopper.

Channel Partners

No matter where shoppers do their research or their shopping, Mercent maximizes the probability that your offer will rise above the noise and gain the attention of your target market. Every day, Mercent enhances the placement of millions of products across more than 200 online shopping channels.


Mercent has an insider’s knowledge of each channel where shoppers engage with your product and partnerships with other countries in order to optimizing merchandise and product offers.

"Investment in Mercent Retail has been among the best business decisions we’ve made in terms of our online channel management growth strategy." -Cookie's Kids

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