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Mercent Retail™ for Shopping Engines

With the dramatic growth of Google Shopping and, comparison shopping engines play an increasingly important role in online retail as part of a multi-channel, multi-screen shopper engagement strategy. Each shopping engine distributes your product listings across the Internet to thousands of individual websites positioning your products at each shopper’s point of consideration. 

33% Internet Reach shows that the shopping engines network represented 32.6% of overall US Internet reach in Q4. Mercent Retail for Shopping Engines helps you harness that reach to boost sales and acquire repeat customers at higher average order values.

Our software helps you market, promote, and sell your products in a way that is specifically optimized to meet the requirements of each comparison shopping engine. Our platform provides complete visibility and control over all aspects of your product listings including product assortment, categorization, CPC bids, merchandising offers and ad content.

Cut costs, activate steady growth

Mercent Retail ensures you reach each customer at the point of product consideration -- our customers achieve a lower cost of sale than on Google Shopping and higher repeat buyer conversion than on Amazon, and our software has fueled consistent and steady year over year growth for our retailers through the shopping comparison engines and shopping networks.

Get the Right Products in All the Right Places

With broader distribution, it becomes critical to control and customize your per channel assortments to maximize the influence of each channel while hitting your return on ad spend goals. Mercent Retail makes it easy to customize your product assortment to message the right shoppers with the right products on each individual channel.

Our platform allows you to continuously test new products and optimize for the assortment that provides the highest sales at while meeting your efficiency targets. Automated filters allow you to control selection at the product level. And we provide the control via product-level bidding to influence your overall position and reach within each shopping network.

Present the perfect offer

Mercent Retail also lets you deliver the right message and promotional offer for each product on each channel. Promotions allow you to move up funnel and target a broader shopping base, to find new customers who have not yet interacted with your brand. Mercent Retail allows you to automatically tailor your promotional message down to the SKU-level and to customize it for each channel assortment. 

Integration: One and Done

Mercent provides a single universal integration. As shopping networks continue adding new product attributes, you don’t need to go back and remap your template for that channel to be able to include that attribute within the new channel spec. Mercent Retail seamlessly translates from your single product feed to each shopping engine’s requirements so you can rapidly expand your product ad distribution without any additional IT costs.

Key Benefits of Mercent Retail™ for Shopping Engines

Broader reach: A single integration with Mercent Retail easily allows you to send feeds to multiple comparison shopping sites without worrying about technical specifications or additional feed requirements.

Total control: Create and customize product assortments for each individual channel, leveraging rules-based content transformation and automatic performance filtering.

Improved product visibility: Timely and accurate product data feeds, combined with advanced category mapping tools, increase click-to-order conversions.

Product-level Insight: Real-time dashboards and comprehensive reports provide unparalleled understanding of campaign performance down to individual SKUs. Customize to track a wide range of marketing, financial, and operational retail metrics.

Maximize revenue and profitability: Use the knowledge gained from the our analytics -- dashboards and reports -- to drive down costs and boost revenues. Set automated filters to remove products based on business criteria such as inventory levels, profitability margins and sales performance.

The Mercent Difference

Mercent lets you approach each channel with unique data, syndicate a channel-specific assortment, and optimize content on a per-channel, per-product basis. Mercent ensures you have the right bidding strategy in the context of evolving pricing models the shopping network and lets you properly attribute orders to the right channel. Our software lets you measure the success based on SKUs that are converting, inventory velocity, and profit margin.

Mercent harness the power of distribution and provides the control to drive steady growth that is accretive to your business.

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