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Mercent Retail for Marketplaces extends your eCommerce reach by positioning your products in front of millions of shoppers on, eBay, and more. Our marketplace software integrates with your existing retail systems, leveraging the eCommerce platform and processes you already have in place and providing a seamless interface between your product catalog, inventory and fulfillment management systems with each online marketplace.

Mercent Retail for Marketplaces is the most robust, easy-to-use solution for ramping up marketplace sales.

Get listed -- every product, every time

Getting your catalog properly listed is complex. It requires detailed knowledge of channel taxonomies, requisite attributes, and listing rules. Mercent Retail solves the complexity of listing, ensuring that your products are correctly classified and accurately matched according to the unique requirements of each marketplace. As your catalog assortment fluctuates through each season, our software ensures that new and back-in-stock products are listed quickly and positioned for purchase.

And, because listing errors are inevitable, Mercent Retail provides visibility. When errors do occur, they can be resolved quickly using content rules, bulk updates or even individual product edits in the case of your most important products.

Synch your inventory …

Mercent Retail presents your most up-to-date offers to shoppers. Our marketplace software ensures that all product, pricing and inventory data is in synch between your eCommerce catalog and the marketplace. Changes are updated in real-time, and you can further optimize listings via rules to transform your product attributes or even configure inventory limits to control your assortment and prevent overselling.

… and your orders

Mercent Retail for Marketplaces handles all order and post-order communication. Our technology delivers orders directly into your eCommerce backend so you can easily leverage your existing order creation and shipping processes. It also tracks order acceptance and ensures that shipping and returns are communicated back to each channel so customers have up-to-the-minute order status.

Watch your metrics

Mercent Retail's industry-leading analytics offer visibility into your key performance metrics. The Mercent Retail dashboard and customizable reports provide top-level visibility of performance by category and brand on each channel, as well as offering a unique retail-specific view of how each SKU contributes to your overall return on inventory investment for that marketplace.

Our software also tracks operational metrics critical for developing and maintaining an excellent seller reputation on the marketplaces by providing alerts and automated reports that flag operational issues such as late shipments before they impact your seller rating.

From product classification to order processing, Mercent Retail for Marketplaces automates your marketplace presence and provides the seamless experience needed to grow your revenue quickly and efficiently.

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"We selected Mercent as our technology provider due to their tenure helping leading retailers succeed with their eCommerce strategies" -TravelSmith

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