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Compete profitably on Amazon Marketplace

Mercent understands what drives success on Amazon

Success starts with a solid Amazon marketplace integration powered by an experienced team delivering high-quality information that is always in sync with your retail systems, including product attributes, inventory, order and fulfillment data.

Mercent's innovative and easy-to-use classification tools allow for quick product launch and ongoing changes to product assortments. Automated monitoring and management of your data feeds including performance alerts provide industry-leading channel error resolution. 

Optimize pricing to increase revenue

Our standard Amazon sellers integration includes access to Mercent Retail Marketplace Price Optimizer for up to 5,000* product SKUs. Mercent’s simple yet powerful hosted solution runs faster, smarter and with more sophisticated custom rules than any other repricing solution.

Gain the advantage by strategically pricing flexible, custom product assortments - up and down - to consistently win the Buy Box and grow top line revenue. Gain control over every aspect of your product catalog and repricing campaign to compete profitably in Amazon’s winner-take-all environment.

*Up to 200,000 SKUs per hour available for additional subscription fee.

Amazon: it's in our DNA.

Rely on Mercent's proven integration

Mercent knows that a solid Amazon integration is just the beginning. Because the Mercent Retail platform is designed from the ground up to handle the complex and unique challenges of high volume data feed exchanges, it is ideally suited for connecting your retail systems with the sophisticated Amazon marketplace. From mapping products to the correct Amazon browse nodes to automatic order processing and data feed monitoring, the Mercent Retail platform provides the easy-to-use tools and processes necessary for growing your revenue through your Amazon marketplace quickly and efficiently.

Get connected

The Mercent Technical Services team works closely with your IT and Marketing teams during integration - setting up data feeds between your back end systems and the Mercent Retail platform and providing initial optimization of your product data for your target channels. For retailers already using Omniture or Coremetrics tracking tags, the integration process is even easier. Mercent’s expertise with product data integrations ensures your information will be timely, accurate and complete - a vital necessity for gaining long-term success in the Amazon Marketplace.

Once your integration with Mercent Retail is complete, product and order data is transmitted between your systems and Amazon through Mercent Retail. Additional channels are easy to set up from Mercent Retail, removing the workload from your IT team.

Mercent solves common Amazon seller issues

Complex Integrations
  • Proven Amazon Marketplace integration through Mercent Technical Services expedites the process and ensures timely completion of seller integration.  There's a reason we are the top Amazon integrator!
Incomplete Data
  • Mercent Retail(TM) is always in sync with each seller’s retail system to provide the highest quality data to Amazon; including product attributes, updated pricing and inventory, order confirmations and fulfillment tracking information.
  • Mercent’s comprehensive integration process resolves data deficiencies.
  • Mercent’s ASIN-matching Channel Error Resolution tool identifies product matching errors and provides simple and quick resolution. Mercent provides Automated Feed Error Alerts to sellers via email.
Outdated Amazon feed software version or categorization rules
  • Mercent delivers automated category mapping based on current Amazon category SKU classification guidelines.
  • Mercent works with existing Amazon sellers to upgrade current feed software versions and categorization rules.
IT resource constraints
  • Mercent maintains the integration over the long run - providing innovative and easy-to-use classification tools for launch and ongoing changes to product assortments; automated monitoring and management of data feeds, including performance alerts.
Failure to Win the Buy Box
  • Mercent Retail Price Optimization reprices up to 200,000 individual seller SKUs per hour, ensuring sellers are more competitive and improving their chance to win the Buy-Box more often.

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"In the last twelve months we’ve seen a 500% increase in our online gross merchandise sales with Mercent." -Cookie's Kids

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