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As Google’s consumer shopping experience continues to evolve, most solutions providers scramble to keep up. Mercent Retail remains on the cutting edge, providing a dynamic platform that allows retailers to capitalize on high-intent shopping activity. As new marketing programs emerge – such as Bing Product Ads – Mercent continues to build management, reporting and automation tools to help retailers diversify their Product Ad business and win across the board.

The Only Complete Enterprise-Ready Product Ad Platform

Mercent Retail for Google Shopping Campaigns (formerly Product Listing Ads) offers the only complete end-to-end, enterprise-ready Product Ad management platform. It is specifically designed to handle Google’s exacting specifications for the Google Shopping Campaigns that power both the product ads in Google's search results and the Google Shopping experience.

Mercent Retail for Google Shopping Campaigns is built on years of experience and deep expertise in Google advertising, retail marketing, and product data. Mercent has been developing industry-leading technology for selling products on Google since 2005, partnering closely with Google through each iteration—including the upcoming shift to Google Shopping Campaigns. Most importantly, our software has enabled our retail clients to experience high growth through each evolution of Google’s shopping platform.

Integration with Retail Catalog, Inventory and Price

Performance on Google Shopping starts with the content and quality of the underlying product data. The Mercent Retail platform integrates directly with our clients’ ecommerce systems, ensuring product, inventory and price data is accurate and timely. This prevents critical errors that can shut off campaigns and negatively impact your performance.

Data Quality Optimization and Error Resolution

Mercent Retail provides powerful tools for data quality optimization. Our software allows you to apply rules-based optimization to any segment of your product data for catalogs as large as 800,000 SKUs. You can tune your data for PLA without making unnecessary changes to your ecommerce catalog.

Our integration with Google’s Content API for Shopping also provides an automated view of data quality errors. Our software flags products that are missing required or recommended attributes and providing workflows to quickly resolve errors in bulk or at the SKU level.

Feed Management and Scheduling

Our software provides complete control and transparency over your Google Merchant Center data feed, with robust tools for scheduling feeds, tracking delivery, and viewing feed history. Mercent Retail is integrated with Google’s Content API for Shopping and provides access to Google Shopping’s “Express Pipeline.” This provides retailers a speed advantage: faster, incremental updates which improve ad spend efficiency and boost revenue on high-volume SKUs.

Campaign Management & Product Targeting

Mercent Retail provides you with complete control over your product listing ad campaigns. Our platform lets you optimize your campaign structure around product attributes and dynamically modify and apply AdWords custom labels and groupings. Our software efficiently generates Google Shopping Campaigns that mirror the semantic hierarchy of your product data and express your catalog fully.

View and manage all of your product groupings, create new targets unique to each product listing ad channel, create and manage ad copy, define unique bids, and dynamically optimize any field in your product feed. Keep your Google Shopping Campaigns aligned with your overall retail strategy, and schedule your promotions and seasonal changes so they integrate seamlessly with your product merchandising calendar. Our software makes it simple to automatically sync Google Shopping Campaign with your inventory and your merchandising calendar.

Bid Management

Mercent Retail’s automated bidding engine allows you to bid at the product target level across Google Shopping Campaigns as well as scheduling bids to accommodate promotion calendars. Complex algorithms and rules consider your specific ad metrics -- including ROAS, Gross Margin and COGS, saving you time and boosting overall performance.

Tracking, Reporting & Analytics

Google product ad success also depends on understanding product performance down to the SKU level. Mercent Retail for Product Listing Ads offers robust tracking, reporting and analytics -- delivering clear insight into performance by product advertised, products purchased on site, ad group, product ad, and search query. Business Intelligence tools allow you to hone your Product Ads campaigns toward key retail objectives.

Armed with deeper knowledge, you will be able to set negative keyword matches to boost ad spend efficiency and structure your campaign’s product targets in order to increase visibility and sales on your most important categories, brands and SKUs.

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