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Manage and optimize any product feed with Mercent Retail Product Feeds and the award-winning software that runs our Shopping Engine and Marketplace products. We've built more than 200 unique product data feed specs, making it easy to create, deliver and measure performance for any channel to which you want to syndicate your product data.

Connect once, send everywhere

Mercent Retail powers a diverse range of channels via simple-to-create but highly customizable data feeds:

Manufacturer or vendor feeds

Provide data feeds to any vendor or supplier for any reason, including “store finders” that drive customers back to your retail website or brick and mortar storefront

Display and retargeting platforms

Serve display ads to past site visitors via Criteo, BuySight, TellApart, Dotomi, Media Forge and Fetchback.

Affiliate Marketing

Drive traffic with an affiliate data feed syndicated through networks like Linkshare, Commission Junction, Share a Sale, and Google Affiliate Network.

Social and Mobile

Drive traffic and brand awareness through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, mShopper, Moontoast, Venpop.

Product advertising

Use data feeds to place your products so they will be seen on the largest advertising channels including Google Shopping and Amazon Product Advertising.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Position your products everywhere shoppers are evaluating products including Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, NexTag,, and dozens more.


Compete and sell more through 3rd party marketplaces including, eBay, and

Paid Search

Manage paid search the way you manage the rest of your retail business, by product attributes like category and brand instead of just advertising metrics. Optimize Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing through a single interface without breaking a sweat.

Power through simplicity

Mercent takes the construction and heavy lifting out of data feed management so you can focus on acquiring customers and growing revenue.

  • Create new feeds with just a few clicks
  • Automatically keep all channels synchronized with your catalog and inventory changes
  • Set up rules to tailor content for each channel
  • Enjoy the same level of control and confidence that you have across Mercent Retail's entire product suite

Gain total insight and control

With Mercent Retail Product Feeds you'll gain deeper, more accurate insight to effectively measure and manage all of your product feeds. Measure the performance of a product category across all your product feeds in a single report, and compare conversion rates of each channel in a consolidated dashboard. Drill down to get an in-depth look at your performance and gain visibility down to the per-SKU, per-channel basis.

Mercent Retail Product Feeds gives you the technology you need to create, monitor and optimize your data feeds to drive greater revenue.

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"Mercent aptly combines our data with their technology, expertise, and the raw “feel” that it takes to manage our PLA campaigns. " -Ambush Board Co.

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