IRCE 2014: Product Ads - Best Practices

Mercent CEO Eric Best discusses best practices and trends in Product Ad programs with Supratim Roy Chaudhury, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and Matt Meadow, Director of Paid Search at eBay Enterprise 

Learn more about Mercent's software and services for Product Ads programs

IRCE 2014: Google PLA -- Going from Good to Great to Profit

From IRCE 2014, 6/10/2014. Director of Paid Search Debra Carroll presents "Google Product Listing Ads: Going from Good to Great to Profit".

IRCE 2014: Google Shopping -- Are Text Ads Dead?

Mercent CEO Eric Best and Director of Paid Search Deb Carroll discuss the past, present and future of Google Shopping, and what the development of the Product Listing Ads program means for traditional paid search text ads.

Learn more about Mercent's software and services for search engine marketing, including robust support for Google Shopping Campaigns.

IRCE 2014: Shopping Campaigns, The New Google Shopping

From the Mercent booth at IRCE 2014: Mercent CEO Eric Best moderates a discussion -- between Google's Nicole Premo and Mercent's Debra Carroll, Director of Paid Search -- regarding the new framework for Google Product Listing Ads.

Learn more about Mercent's software solution for managing Shopping Campaigns.

IRCE 2014: An Overview of Shipped by Newegg

From Mercent's booth at IRCE 2014: Kunal Thakkar, VP of Operations at Newegg, discusses Newegg's fulfillment solution.

IRCE 2014: Online Retail Marketplaces: Differentiating Your Brand

From Mercent's booth at IRCE 2014: industry leaders discuss what it means to succeed on online retail marketplaces - differentiating your brand through intelligent campaigns, product SKUs and Merchandising Promos.

Learn more about Mercent Retail, our software for online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Sears 

IRCE 2014: Ecommerce Industry Outlook for Technology & Electronics

Newegg Chief Marketing Officer Soren Mills discusses lessons learned from specializing in consumer electronics ecommerce, and how Newegg is applying them to a broader, growing online marketplace.

Holiday 2013: Key Dates and Best Practices for Online Retail

Learn specific strategies for selling successfully during the 2013 holiday season including monitoring and resolving listing errors, expanding your presence into international, and monitoring competitors to ensure you have the right price position in the market.

Quick Takeaways to Drive 2013 Holiday Growth

Get ready for the compressed 2013 holiday shopping season -- learn how to leverage multi-device online and offline shopping patterns, the growing importance of your mobile strategy, why comparsison shopping engines matter, and when and how to budget your paid search, product listing ad and paid social dollars this holiday season.

Win More Referrals with Pinterest Rich Pins

Leverage the fastest growing social referral network to drive traffic to your retail website through Rich Pins. We share the best practices that the most successful retailers are using and introduce a way to automatically keep your product data -- including price -- updated on your Pinterest Rich Pins.

>> Learn more about our software platform Mercent Retail and how it can automatically update your Pinterest products

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