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Measure what matters. Track your performance, monitor your competition, and take action in real time.

Mercent is a CommerceHub Solution.

Winning in today’s rapidly accelerating retail environment requires up-to-the-moment performance insights to make merchandising and marketing decisions quickly and at scale. To win, retailers must capture and organize massive volumes of data and distill these into meaningful action.

Big data, fast!

Mercent Retail measures what matters. Our award-winning SaaS platform delivers the business intelligence and analytics you need to merchandise and market your retail products. Our technology compiles millions of disparate events to provide real-time feedback on your merchandising decisions and product advertising campaigns. Our reports reveal the performance of each SKU in your catalog on a per channel, per ad basis.

Your data drives your performance

Mercent’s proprietary analytics rationalize four critical retail data sets and expose these within Mercent Retail to support your custom business rules, reports, and dashboards:

  • Your ecommerce data - including storefront, warehouse, ERP, and merchandising planning systems. Mercent Retail incorporates your line-of-business data from product inventory levels and COGS to product attributes, pricing, and promotional offers. Mercent collects and tracks all orders flowing through your storefront and third-party shopping carts. 
  • Your product and merchandising offer performance is tracked by SKU, category, brand, supplier, ad, channel, landing page, campaign, and sales event. Mercent Retail’s complete Web and retail analytics platform provides easy, configurable insights into your merchandising and advertising ROI.
  • Your competitors’ products, pricing, offers, and reputation are collected by Mercent Retail via public and API-based data sources across the web, making it easy to compare your position and performance against your competition and to take action on competitive threats and opportunities.
  • Advertising channel activity and metrics - including orders from third-party shopping carts and your actual ad spend--are collected by our proprietary software. Mercent Retail audits your advertising activity to ensure you achieve your target presence and ROI across multiple channels with varying pricing models.

Ecommerce beyond your shopping cart

Our analytics track every conversion within your shopping cart down to the individual parent and child SKU. Whether you’re selling on third-party marketplaces like or advertising on a product advertising platform like Google Shopping, Mercent Retail collects the key account activity and performance data to support real-time decision making.

Mercent’s retail-specific metrics provide deeper, more accurate insight into your performance so that you can measure and manage by product margin or return on inventory. By monitoring and responding to product catalog, promotional offers, and inventory changes, Mercent Retail exposes new opportunities to optimize your budget allocation and maximize inventory turns.

Your competitors, exposed

Mercent has developed a proprietary competitive intelligence system that monitors your effectiveness. Our technology provides visibility into how each product in your assortment is positioned against competitors, taking into account their total current offer, their reputation, fulfillment speed, and available inventory. With Mercent Retail you’ll gain the insight to guide your strategic decisions, identify profitable new categories and uncover opportunities to beat your top competitors.

Turn insight to action

Mercent Retail answers questions critical to retail merchandiser and marketer’s day-to-day success at enterprise speed. More importantly, Mercent analytics directly inform the Mercent Retail SaaS platform software controls that automate merchandising and advertising decisions for even the most extensive enterprise retail product catalogs. Transform your business intelligence with Mercent Retail.

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