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Mercent is a CommerceHub Solution.

The rate of change in today’s retail environment is accelerating. To make a buying decision, shoppers access hundreds of product data sources published in real-time to desktops and mobile devices via a growing array of digital channels. They evaluate product differentiators, seller reputations, and consumer reviews on the go, and weigh shipping promises against in-store availability.

Breakthrough technology built exclusively for Retailers

Mercent Retail is the world’s leading product advertising platform, built by retail industry veterans exclusively for retailers. Our award-winning SaaS platform helps you scale your advertising efforts to reach every shopper, providing the visibility and control necessary to drive revenue and optimize profitability. Our software connects your products with every ecommerce and advertising channel that drives or influences shopping decisions.

Mercent Retail automates creation and delivery of millions of ad units with content optimized for each product in your assortment. We move your product ads beyond simple data feed delivery and provide your partners with a seamless interface between your product catalog, inventory and fulfillment management systems. Our platform automatically crafts ads that change in real time to reflect true availability, new products or styles in your catalog, and your current promotions.

Gain control over more data

Mercent Retail provides enterprise retailers the scale and speed to promote hundreds of thousands of products across hundreds of channels while providing granular control so that retailers can optimize the performance of the most important SKUs on a per-SKU, per-channel basis.

Our technology lets you tailor each ad and its content by leveraging hundreds of unique product attributes. Mercent Retail updates ads based on underlying inventory availability - including for new products and product variations - and maximizes customer lifetime value by driving new and returning customers to your retail website. 

Leverage Mercent’s industry leadership and key partnerships

We understand and thrive on the accelerating rate of change in the market, and our deep industry knowledge guides Mercent Retail’s continuous product development. We think ahead, investing early in programs we believe will maximize your future visibility and sales conversion opportunities. It’s why we started working with Google Product Listing Ads more than a year before it was rolled out broadly, and why we were the first certified partner of eBay’s Large Merchant Services. It’s why we have been the most highly regarded Amazon integrator in the industry for the past seven years. In fact, we helped Amazon write the original spec for Third Party Seller integration.

Mercent Retail’s industry-leading technology will help you maximize sales growth while meeting your profitability goals for every brand and category in your product catalog. Transform your product advertising with Mercent Retail.

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