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Mercent is a CommerceHub Solution.

Data Collection

Mercent Retail collects and rationalizes ecommerce data from every available resource to ensure your optimal performance. Rather than requiring you to conform to our requirements, we use our technology to integrate with your existing retail systems and workflows.

With Mercent Retail:

  • Leverage existing ecommerce data from any source -- product catalog, inventory management system, fulfillment software, and more 
  • Connect to our on demand data collection engine though your preferred technology. Or even simpler, have us connect to you.
  • Get up and running in minutes through one of our pre-integrated eCommerce platform partners
  • Integrate your entire product assortment – our software natively supports catalogs up to 800,000 SKUs 

Data Transformation

Success requires optimized product data that will ensure the best attach rate, product placement, and merchandising offer on each individual channel.

  • Clean data quickly and at scale—apply changes across any segment of your catalog without having to secure IT resources
  • Ensure ongoing optimization for each channel--make automated changes through cascading rules so each product is optimally represented on every channel 
  • Get listed quickly--resolve channel requirements easily using our automated channel feedback and resolution workflows

Data Distribution

Mercent Retail provides flexibility and complete control over how and where you distribute your data.

  • Automatically deliver targeted product feeds to over 200 supported channels
  • Update ad copy, bids, prices, availability or any product attribute in real-time thanks to our API integration with your most important channels 
  • Schedule advertising offers, product transformations or entire product campaigns to start and end automatically based on your retail merchandising calendar
  • Synchronize your distribution with your inventory across every channel -- marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Buy.com, Sears.com) product advertising channels (Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads, Amazon Product Ads), comparison shopping engines (Shopzilla, NexTag, eBay Commerce Network), retargeting partners, vendors, affiliate networks and so much more

Data Performance

Mercent Retail collects and aggregates your performance data across the web to provide you with the insights to achieve greater performance. Our software using the same performance data to automate further optimization based on your key metrics.

  • Monitor and report down to the SKU level on your advertising and sales performance
  • Keep tabs on your competition – watch their products, prices, seller performance and more
  • Dynamically react to market changes -- hit your key metrics by adjusting product mix, marketing copy, bids, and offers to hit your key metrics
  • Automatically reprice down to beat competitors or up to increase margin on thousands of SKUs per hour

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